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Plagiarism:  Our products are designed to act as study material in the same way that a teacher may give a student previous exam papers to look at. Our products can also help an individual when they may not have access to their assessor or line manager and need help. These products are designed to simply act as a prompt and put into context any question you may not understand. Put simply, the answers we supply should not be copied word for word and only used for the purpose of study or revision.

Copyright: All rights reserved. All purchased items may be printed or copied to storage media for strict personal use only and to be used for study and revision purposes only. Under no circumstances can any of our products be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

Copyright Infringement: All products are sourced through reputable and trusted sources. However, if you feel that any of our products breach your own copyright. Then please use the 'Contact Page' to inform us immediatly. Please Include the following details, in order for us to communicate with you correctly and investigate your claim in full:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Address
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • A detailed explanation as to why you feel our product is in breach of your copyright
  • Supporting evidence such as an actual course completion certificate or a signed verification statement from your own NVQ assessor confirming the item in question is your own.

Contact: You can use the ‘Contact Page’ form to submit any other questions that are not listed in the FAQs section. If your question concerns a recent purchase then you will need to include the following information: Your name, address and a contact telephone number. Along with your original order number and the PayPal transaction number. If you fail to supply any of these details then for data protection reasons we will not be able to help you with your question.