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To try and assist you in your purchase we have drawn up a number of frequently asked questions. Most of these should answer many of the more common frequentky asked questions.

If I buy your products is it classed as cheating?
No of course not. How many teachers give their students previous exam papers? Or let their students look at previous students course work? We are simply giving you the chance to look at some previously prepared answers; it is simply classed as revision material.

Why are your products are so cheap compared to other websites?
It is simply a matter of good economics. We want your custom; you need our product so we may as well sell to you at a competitive wholesale price.

Once I have purchased a product can I make further purchases?

Yes, you can buy as many products as you like, there is no limit.

I am not currently doing an NVQ but due to start one soon. Can I still buy your products?
Yes is the simple answer. In fact we would say that getting the heads up on what work is involved is a great way of preparing yourself.

I have a MAC computer does this make any difference?
No, you can use a MAC or PC and still have full access to all of our products.

Do you offer support?
The quick answer is no, all of you're official NVQ support will come from your assessor when you have your reviews.

Can I print your products onto paper?

Yes you can.

Can I copy your product to a memory stick or similar device?

Yes, as long as you know how to copy & paste or drag & drop.

Why does my NVQ layout look differnt from what you list?
It is important to understand that the NVQ is a standard course which is set by various governing bodies.

But, different traning centers, employers & colleges can change the layout of the course to suite their own needs, some even change the way some of the questions are asked. This doesnt mean that our example answers will be any different. It may just be that the question has been asked in a slightly different way.

Can I copy your answers word for word?
We wouldn’t recommend it. These products are simply to give you some inspiration, guidance & help.

How long will it take me to do my NVQ if I buy your products?

Well we cannot give any guarantees, but on average most people complete a unit in 1 day once they have our study material, this is simply because you have a clear understanding of what is expected of you once you have seen some example answers.

How quickly will I receive my product?

Once your payment has been verified by our systems you will receive an instant download link, this usually happens within minutes. You will then have 24 hours or 3 downloads (whichever is sooner) to download & save your product to your computer.

What happens if I use incorrect personal details when making a purchase?
You should be extra careful when registering/making a purchase. If for example you enter an incorrect email address at the time of purchase, you will incur an administration charge to have your order corrected.

I Don't appear to have recieved my order, what should I do ?
Although our systems send orders instantly sometimes your email provider may delay the delivery of your order or even send it to your junk mail box. In order to clarify the correct dispatch of your order a copy of all customer orders is cc'd to one of our own email accounts. This way we can check & if neccessary forward a copy of your cc'd order to show the order was dispatched correctly. If we hold a cc'd copy of your order then this confirms the error is with your email provider and not with ourselves.

I have lost/deleted my previously downloaded files how can I get copies from you?
Please use the ‘contact us’ form and we will run you through the procedure.

How do I qualify for my money back guarantee?
Let's keep it simple; If our completed NVQs are not what we say they are, then we offer a 100% money back guarantee.**

My question isn’t listed here, what should I do? or I have a question about a recent purchase what should I do?
You can always use the ‘contact us’ form to submit any other questions that are not listed in the FAQs section.

Would you contact Marks & Spencer and say 'where's my order?' and expect them to read your mind and know who you are? I guess you wouldnt. So if you're queston concerns a recent purchase then you will need to include the following information: Your name, address and a contact telephone number. Along with your original order number and the PayPal transaction number. If you fail to supply any of these details then for data protection reasons we will not be able to help you with your question.


** In order to qualify for the money back guarantee you can only claim back for one product. So we advise you to purchase one item from the store, to make sure you are 100% happy before making any bulk purchases.