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The Care Certificate

The Care Certificate was introduced in 2015 and every candidate taking the course is required to complete it. It consists of 15 standards which are a stepping stone to the NVQ standards and a way of ensuring that all new health care employees are given the correct training for their role.

However, it can be difficult to juggle the new job, training, shifts, family life and everything else inbetween. Not forgetting of course the added stress of the care certificate having to be completed during your probationary period and yes, that's 16 units to be completed in usually 12 weeks.

One of the biggest problems at the moment is that candidates only have the workbooks to work from and no other reference material. Meaning that they need to spend hours on the internet trying to find relevent information.

So what you need is a reliable value for money 'textbook alternative' that offers a simple example answer to each of the questions, which will give you a better understanding as to how you should answer the question. M aking this the perfect alternative to a text book and better than asking one of your new work collegues to 'borrow' their folder.

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